The world of Coats apparel sewing threads touches
nearly every person on this planet, every single day.

Coats apparel threads are an integral part of every
article of clothing in your wardrobe - from shirts to
suits and designer wear to protective workwear, our
threads are preferred by the world's leading brand
owners, retailers and manufacturers.

For the vast range of garment types offered in the
marketplace, Coats offers a wide range of threads
available as part of its Global Offer. These are sewing
threads designed and manufactured to global
specifications for sewing and embroidery.

From high performance corespun to general purpose spun polyester
threads, our international product range for apparel sewing is available
in close to a thousand shades worldwide.

Coats apparel sewing threads are supported by Coats Sewing Solutions, a range of value added services designed to improve quality of garments and productivity on the shopfloor.

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